De val van De Muur

9 november 2014 is het precies 25 jaar geleden dat de Berlijnse muur viel.

IST Models, dè fabrikant van Oost Europese modellen, besteedt daar (uiteraard) ook aandacht aan. Dit zeggen ze er zelf over:


… all these words have now disappeared from our vocabulary and belong to history.

 Among the things that will remain from this period are the automobiles that were produced, mostly in USSR, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, but also in Poland, Romania or Yugoslavia.

 Simple, rustic, sometimes with anachronous design, they were built to endure tough roads and last forever.

 Paying tribute to these unforgettable pages of automobile history, IST (pronounce it “East”) brings to your collections a whole range of accurate 1/43rd replicas of the East Block cars.”

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Bericht auteur: Modelauto